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Distance education offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to balance learning with personal and professional commitments. It connects you to a diverse network of expert educators and peers..

Benefits of Choosing Distance Education

Distance education offers flexibility, allowing students to learn at their own pace and schedule, while also providing access to a wider range of courses and institutions

What is Distance Education or Open Learning?

Distance education, or open learning, is a flexible mode of study where students engage in coursework remotely using online platforms, allowing them to learn from anywhere at their convenience.

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Global Institute Of Technology

Global Institute of Technology (GIT) Noida, established in 2005, is dedicated to providing quality education at the student's doorstep. As a premier institution in distance education, GIT Noida is ISO 9001:2008 certified and committed to making education accessible and affordable for aspiring learners.

In the past, education was seen as a noble cause, but today it has unfortunately become a business for many. GIT Noida is determined to challenge these unethical business practices by offering high-quality distance education at affordable fees, ensuring that students who couldn't complete their studies due to various reasons can achieve their educational dreams.

GIT Noida offers a range of quality distance education courses with options for online and offline resources, examinations, and tutorials. Our programs include:

  • Undergraduate Degrees: BA, B.Com, B.Tech (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics & Telecommunication, Computer Science)

  • Postgraduate Degrees: MBA, MBA (Executive), M.Tech (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics & Telecommunication, Computer Science)

In addition to traditional degrees, we provide various online and distance learning courses in MBA, catering to the needs of working professionals and other students seeking flexible learning options.

At GIT Noida, we are committed to eradicating exploitative practices in education and providing students with the opportunity to pursue their studies in a supportive and cost-effective environment.

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Admission In Polytechnic Diploma Engineering 2020-21( Noida)

Admission Opens 2020-21 FOR Diploma Polytechnic Noida monday to Frid


GIT Noida provide quality distance education course with online and Offline BOOK, Examination and online Tutorial option of BA,B.COM, MBA, MBA (EXECUTIVE) B.TECH.(Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic & Telecommunication, Computer Science), M.TECH.(Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic & Telecommunication, Computer Science). online education MBA, MBA ONLINE COURSE, DISTANCE CORRESPONDENCE COURSE, Distance Learning MBA, Distance MBA, Distance/Correspondence MBA colleges. Correspondence mba

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Global Institute Of Technology

Global Institute of Technology started in 2005 with a aim to provide quality Education at student door step. Now, GIT Noida is a premier institute in the field of Distance Education with an ISO 2008:9001 certified. GIT Noida caters to needy and aspiring student so that they can fulfill their dream of education at minimum cost.






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The costs change depending on the university and a number of other variables. Yes, online and distance MBA programmes are really worthwhile for the proper candidates.

Yes, because it has received government clearance from UGC, DEB, AIU, and AICTE and is listed in WES and AIU and has WHED, the degree is genuine.

Yes, universities help students find jobs when they graduate, and some universities also offer mock interviews.

You can visit the university campus, of course, but the admissions process is solely available online through the university website.

Don't worry; we have universities that are affordable that have the necessary government approvals that are applicable everywhere. We also provide simple EMI instalment alternatives. Now, you can meet your needs within your budget.

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