D. Dialysis, B. Dialysis, M. Dialysis

  • D. Dialysis (2/3 YEARS), B. Dialysis (3YEAR ) , M.Dialysis(2YEARS)
  • D.Dialysis - 10TH, DRIT-12TH(science)

    B. Dialysis ( 12TH- SCIENCE) & B. Dialysis-(2YERAS- DRIT OF 2 YERAS)

    M. Dialysis - ( ELIGIBILITY- B. Dialysis)


This three-year full-time course for granting the degree of bachelor of science in dialysis technicians and technology, produces well-informed and duly trained dialysis technicians for working efficiently in hospitals, medical clinics, dialysis centers, paramedical teaching and training institutions, etc. They may specialize in the renal dialysis, acute dialysis, or the hem-dialysis. These dialysis technicians are concerned with operation, monitoring, and maintenance of dialysis machinery; preparing dialysis reports; and supporting physicians, doctors, and nurses in offering medical services. All areas related with dialysis are covered in this course including Human Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pathology, Microbiology, Pharmacology, and Renal Diseases. ï»¿