D.Optometry, B.Optometry, M.Optometry

  • D. Optometry (2/3 YEARS), B. Optometry (4 YEAR ) , M.Optometry(2YEARS)
  • D.Optometry - 10TH, DRIT-12TH(science)

    B. Optometry  ( 12TH- SCIENCE- 4 YERAS ) & B. Optometry-(3YERAS- DRIT OF 2 YERAS)

    M. Optometry  - ( ELIGIBILITY- B. Optometry)


B.Sc in Optometry is a medical program offers an education in health related profession majorly in eye care including treatment of eye, vision defects, eye diagnosis, using lens and optical aid, visual reflective error and many more. Students who want to choose eye care as their career profile can join this program of Bachelor of Science in Optometry where they will learn all the fundamentals and basics of eye caring and vision diagnosis.